St.Ives Welcomes New Lifeboat

This weekend St.Ives officially welcomed and named it’s new Shannon Class Lifeboat, Nora Stachura.  And what a welcome it was with beautiful sunshine and crowds lining the harbour front.  The £2.1 million vessel was proudly named after a lady whose legacy paid for the new boat.  It is powered by water jets and capable of 25 knots.  Due to its new mobile launching system which operates on the beach and in the sea, turnaround times will be drastically cut, meaning a must faster response to emergencies.

Here in St.Ives we are immensely proud of our Lifeboat, its incredibly brave crew and our team of RNLI Beach Lifeguards and it’s thanks to them locals and visitors a like can safely enjoy the beautiful coastline around St.Ives bay.  Who wouldn’t want to dip their toes in this beautiful clear blue sea?!


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